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Cablz Flyz are made from a durable ultra lightweight fly-like fishing line and with our universal ends that fit most frames on the market. Cablz Flyz are 22″ in length but can be shortened to your desired length by simply pushing the fly line out of the rubber end, trimming and retying a knot in the line.

  • Ultra Lightweight material
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Waterproof
  • Low Profile
  • Patented design

3 reviews for Cablz Flyz

  1. Bill

    I bought these at the beach and the coating on the line started coming not long after I purchased them. I do like them but they did not last like they should have. It may be from sunscreen exposure at the beach, but that would be normal use. I was disappointed in them not holding up to normal use.

    • cablz2017

      I’m so sorry to hear that happened to your Cablz. If you could mail them back to the address on the website along with your return address info and email, I will be happy to replace them for you.

  2. Bill

    The customer service at Cablz is GREAT ! I wish every business would respond as well as they do! Amy from Cablz contacted me and quickly resolved my issue above. Thank you for being such a great company…

  3. Mike Givens

    I purchased two of the cablz flyz and the first one lasted about one month. It broke in the middle of the line and I only used them occasionally . The ends are great and I like the concept of their design. I will see how long the other set lasts before I give another review up or down.

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