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We kept the same “off the neck” concept and this design, we replaced the stainless steel cable with monofilament like line and made them adjustable.  Monofilament is naturally non-conductive, making this a perfect style for those in the Utility industry.

  • Made with Non-Conductive Monofilament
  • Available in 7 colors: Orange, Yellow, Green, Opaque White,  Blue, Black,  Blue/White Swirlz
  • All Colors available only in one length – 14″
  • All Monoz are available with the Universal End
  • XL End available only Monoz Black, Blue & Opaque White
  • XS End (Monoz Skinnyz) available in Black 14″ Length


  • Adjustable
  • When “zipped”, perfect under helmets, hoodies, etc.
  • Stays off your neck
  • Allows full range of motion
  • Low Profile
  • Lightweight
  • Non-Conductive
  • Durable

2 reviews for Cablz Monoz Adjustable

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dane Rudy

    I got a Cablz Monoz for my Vuarnet sunglasses. Excellent fit, I was able to put these on in no time and they work extremely well. They cable stays off my neck. I have them adjusted all the way in so they are not obtrusive. The other thing that works well is my glasses still fold and fit in the glass case. I like the non-conductive mono-filament option since I will be using these outdoors hiking and on the water for boating activities and don’t have to worry about a stainless steal conductive wire around my head. Before I had these I ended up damaging a prior pair of expensive Vuarnet glasses I had for years since I had on a simple stretch band and it pulled off and the glasses dropped on concrete and shattered the lenses. If I would of had these Cablz’s they would of never slipped off. Great product and a very economical investment, I will always be using these on my sunglasses.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jackson Pryor

    I have had my Cablz Monoz Adjustable leash on the same pair of glasses for about 5 years now. I used to wear a sunglasses leash that would rest on my neck and soak up sweat while I was fishing or being active on the beach or lake and I switched over to Cablz and have never been more happy. I believe the reason my sunglasses have lasted so long is because of Cablz, because they never have fallen off of my head or neck while leaning over the edge of a boat or kayak to pull up a fish or while paddle boarding in the ocean and having fallen in they are always secure with the Cablz. This product is extremely durable and I have never had problems with it in five years and that is why Cablz will be the only product I use with my sunglasses.

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